Starting high school was always a big worry and concern for both me and my parents, with it being a possibility of me being on the Autism spectrum, we never knew how I would react to how overwhelming high school could be.

One thing we all did know, was that I was going to be diagnosed with Autism, then October 2016 came and we got the biggest relief, the diagnosis had come through.

After never receiving any of the support that I needed through my first high school, the lack of respect from the school and the lack of communication to us was becoming the biggest concern, we would be waiting each day for a phone call from school to tell us that my exclusion had been made longer and longer and longer. In total I lost out on months worth of education, I was took from school to school in the borough, in minerva and exclusion units whilst the school came up with a decision, that decision was made , February 27th 2017, Year 8 Parents Evening, we was pulled into an office by the assistant head, told there was no longer a place at this school for me and I was never to return, I was classed as a 'health and safety risk to the school'

We took this opportunity to move me schools, I was given the relief that Rainford High wanted to offer me a place. I then went on to spend 3 years, succeeding, blossoming, receiving support, everything I ever wanted in my educational life. I achieved so much whilst being at Rainford High, I had learnt that teachers were willing to work on a friendly-basis with me, giving me this opportunity allowed me to realise who I was and realise that I can just be me in my own, unique way. 

My one goal in life was to own a business. The time had come for this to happen. 


I wanted to create something that I could spread positivity through. I wanted something that we all see every day of our lives, the ideas came and clothing was one thing we all wear and we all see, this was my business born...

Positivity Clothing Company - Spreading Positivity Across The Globe!

Some people that helped me along my journey of starting a business was Miguel Doforo and Diane Cannon, two amazing friends of mine who helped me to find suppliers, good deals, quotes and much more.


"Thank You to my incredible young amazing fan for gifting me with so many t-shirts from his t-shirt line that supports anti-bullying. It's such a positive message and I am so honoured and proud to begin wearing them. Oliver, we need more vibrant teenagers like you in the world trying to make a difference. I am amazed by you!"

- Janice Robinson. 

Singer of the 1990's Hit, 'Dreamer' as seen on The X-Factor 2018.

"Watching this company grow with the support from MD Productions and Miguel Doforo has been a pleasure of mine, to see how much these people have influenced Olly into his positive outlook on life, I'm so happy it has gone into a business like this to show that the right support and environment can lead to success!"

- Jess Smith. Singer and Choreographer.

"You are amazing and very inspiring. I am in awe looking at your page. To see a young entrepreneur, 15 years old and making such a huge impact in this world by doing what you are doing. It's refreshing to see as people are far to quick to judge, make vile remarks and much more to others is becoming too much. These people have no thought for the consequences it will have on that person so to see you highlight this and raise awareness and do your best to make a change when it comes to bullying is purely outstanding. Be Proud Always!

- Sandra McGuirk. 

"I first found out about Oliver's story and how he turned misfortune into a great entrepreneurship spirit. Raising positivity and bringing joy. I have made my first order as a present to my friend and one for my work photo shoot. To my delight, this brand produces very high-quality products! The oversized "Believe In Yourself" T-Shirt has made its permanent place in my casual wardrobe with high waisted jeans and shorts, and suits on occasion and my friend loves wearing her LOVE T-Shirt with my jumpsuits. The T-Shirts don't run, loose color or change shape after washing. The cotton quality and print quality is very high. Oliver Jude, you have an inspiring story, great product - keep bringing joy around the world!

- Anfisa Bashirova. Founder of Albion Consult and UK Ambassador for Meet for Charity.