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Oliver Jude, Founder and CEO of Oliver Jude Clothing

After an unsuccessful experience through the start of high school for director, Oliver Jude. It took mis-understanding, bullying, challenges, failure of education and mental health issues for a managed transfer to another high school, where Oliver flourished with all the correct resources, strategies and support in place., something that was never offered or implemented in his first high school.

Whilst recovering from such an experience and putting in coping mechanisms to deal with change and his mental health issues, something had sparked an idea in him to make what had happened right, and in this case it was to share his journey and experience whilst promoting positivity through fashion.

On 4th December 2018, Oliver Jude Clothing came into fruition with his signature collection designs, 'Believe In Yourself, LOVE and Note to Self: RELAX.' Using these designs on t-shirts and hoodies, this was a way for Oliver to promote positivity and his journey.

With support from local people and multiple newspaper articles, his brand started to take off and within just a couple of months, Oliver had started to be nominated for local, regional and national awards. After winning a list of them and being nominated for multiple, Oliver took this opportunity to expand his brand even more, launching new collections and taking his network to the next level.

After just one year of having the fashion brand, Oliver had been invited to attend some of the most UK's looked at networking events and gala dinners, rubbing shoulders and sharing his story with celebrities all across the country, from Love Island Contestants to Reality TV Stars, his network and brand grew.

In February 2020, Oliver Jude Clothing was featured on the runway at London Fashion Week with a group of diverse models celebrating diversity, self-love and self-worth by empowering quotes across t-shirts, this was an iconic part of his journey.

After building a brand, profile and network this brings us to May 2022, recovering from a global pandemic, Oliver Jude has took time to gather investment, new products, new designs and sustainability going forward.

With a re-launch of the brand on 21st June 2022, Oliver Jude Clothing has a plan in place to offer 100% Organic Cotton Clothing Items using HTV Eco-Friendly PVC Vinyl, with new and improved designs, limited colours with expansion in the future.

We hope that you have took inspiration reading through our journey so far, and we can't wait for you to follow our legacy even further.

Did we mention that our director started Oliver Jude Clothing at age 14,

and has accomplished all of this at the age of 18!!

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